1. Pornanant Iamkhajornchai (2546)

    Use a teaching approach to integrate the research process.
    Content analysis and processing. Teaching writing skills in essay style of debate types Suranaree University of Technology students.
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  2. Ladda Grote

    Uses the Internet to access Information sources of the students and faculty of the University of Information Technology
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  3. Weerapong Polnigongit and Neunghathai Khopolklang (2544)

    Factors influencing the role and function of the radio disc jockey in Nakhon Ratchasima
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  4. Neunghathai Khopolklang (2550)

    Role of the Internet to publish their health.
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  5. Neunghathai Khopolklang (2545)

    Trends in the Arts Development Program.
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  6. Neunghathai Khopolklang (2544)

    Role of the Thai media to create a culture and generation of broadcast technology, Research Capital of Suranaree University of Technology.
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  1. Participation in community radio in Thailand

    : the case study of Mukdahan province's community enterprise radio station
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  2. Participation in community radio in Thailand

    : crossing the Thai-Laoian border
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  3. Teaching "Oragnization of information" through the web

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